The Advantages of Living in a Condo vs. a House

There are so many options when you decide to buy your own home. For many buyers, the first choice is between the two basic types of residential real estate.  The house or the condo. Each has advantages and disadvantages, with individual needs playing a big part in that. For first-time and older buyers there can be a certain appeal to condominiums. Buyers looking for a vacation property may also opt for a condo.

Condo vs. House

Designed as mid-rise or high-rise buildings, condos provide many appealing benefits. Features like elevators and underground parking make them more convenient than ever.  Resort-style amenities create an atmosphere of luxury.  Let’s weigh some advantages of condo ownership vs. home ownership!


With a condo, maintenance is minimal. You don’t ever paint or maintain the exterior. There is no lawn to mow, no mailbox to replace and no roof to repair. Your only responsibility is the inside. Home maintenance is just easier in a condo.  


You may not be able to afford a house with a pool or a lake view.  But with a condo, you get these and/or other amenities without additional cost or work. Other perks often include a gym, game room and outdoor entertainment spaces. HOA fees in a luxury condo may run higher than in a home.  That’s due in part to better security, amenities, and convenience. If those things are important to you, it’s worth the money!


While condos have a bad rap for lack of privacy, new developments are constructed to ensure your privacy.  Quality construction provides unparalleled noise blocking insulation.  Larger patios create separation between you and your neighbors.  While you may not like your neighbors in a condo, you may not like them in a house either.  


Buying a home in a desirable location is often too expensive.  A condo gives you the opportunity to buy in popular areas at a fraction of the cost of a home. Condos near fine dining, retail, and popular destinations provide unparalleled entertainment and convenience. A lakefront home will cost you a pretty penny, whereas a condo offers those same views and location for less. Lakefront living has never been easier!


Condos provide the safety and security of community. With secure entry doors and a staffed front desk, condos can provide an added layer of safety. Gyms and game rooms also receive the same protections. Gated communities are the gold standard for safety, allowing residents to rest easy.  

Happy Ownership

The biggest advantage of condo ownership is convenience.  For families spending the weekend at the lake, condos offer a low maintenance escape.  Full of amenities to keep everyone happy and busy, condos are a great way to maximize your time. To find a luxury lakefront retreat of your own, Contact Us.



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