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Interior Design Trends in Upscale Living

Having a beautiful new home provides you with the opportunity to make it your own. When faced with such an impressive blank canvas, will you know what to do with it? Today’s interior design trends buck the status quo and embrace individuality. There’s an emphasis on personalization and bold statement pieces.

Interior Design Around a View

With a beautiful view, it’s important to emphasize it, making the scenery the focal point of the room. Choose simple, minimalist furniture that doesn’t detract from the view. When it comes to upscale living remember that less is more! With high-quality finishes and beautiful scenery, you hardly need to add a thing!


Using color or design elements with an emphasis on simplicity is the foundation of minimalism.  Details and space are design factors that make up the aesthetic. Because there’s not a lot of elements to work with, every design aspect is on display.  This is especially popular when there’s a view capable of acting as the focal point.  For example, a large window overlooking a sparkling lake does not need anything to distract from such a view. Simple window dressings and a bold color on the wall will draw any visitor’s eye.

Fine Art

Strictly speaking, fine art is a visual object with no functional purpose except to be admired and contemplated. Fine art takes many forms, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photography and modern art installations.Fine art is typically more expensive than decorative art, but also more desirable. Because most owners approach buying art with thoughtfulness and emotion, such items are truly treasured. 


Possibly the biggest and most enduring trend in upscale design is the modern, open-concept floor plan. This minimizes the number of walls separating main common areas, such as the kitchen and dining room.  Doing so allows for ample natural light and creates an easy traffic flow.  Entertaining is a breeze and everyone, even the cook, gets in on the fun.

Quality, Not Quantity

When planning your home’s interior design, one of the most important tips is to opt for quality, not quantity. Good quality materials are easy to spot and pack a big punch.  Walking into a room with a stunning piece of art and sparse furnishings feel more luxurious than walking into a room crowded with bargain finds. With the right backdrop, like a waterfront property, you can let the condo itself make a statement.

A Beautiful Space

The biggest trend in luxury home decor is really personalizing your home in a thoughtful, creative manner. Unique, forward thinking is celebrated, and unusual accents can add a lot of interest. There are no rules when it comes to interior decorating, which is what makes it so much fun!
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