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Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends

In recent years your outdoor space has become an extension of the home.  A beautiful outdoor patio provides respite at the end of the day, and amenities like pools and fire pits encourage outdoor entertaining and fun. There is something peaceful and refreshing about getting outside and soaking up some sun or watching the sunset. An outdoor living space built around that experience can greatly enhance your quality of life. 

Versatile Outdoor Living Trends

The most lasting and beneficial outdoor living trends are those with versatility. An outdoor area that can be both relaxing and fun provides something for everyone. Such a space consists of many zones, offering a variety of experiences to choose from. Here are 5 trends in outdoor living that are here to stay:


On hot summer days, there’s almost nothing as refreshing as a cool dip in a pool. A variety of styles and designs make pools a visually stunning addition to your outdoor space. Combining form and function, a pool provides a beautiful backdrop and is also a terrific low-impact exercise, allowing you to get a good cardiovascular workout while minimizing stress on your joints.

Glass Patio Railings

Almost nothing says upscale living quite like sleek, modern glass patio railings. Allowing for a seamless, unobstructed view, these make the barrier between inside and out feel smaller. This is an incredible perk, particularly if you have waterfront views that you’d like to enjoy from inside. Glass railings create seamless scenery and offer a minimalist, high-end feel.


These outdoor structures provide shade and privacy for outdoor relaxation. Poolside cabanas are the perfect place to cool off and catch a quick nap before jumping back into the pool. They’re also a good example of creating various zones for multiple people to enjoy. Dad can play with the kids in the pool while mom relaxes in the shade of the cabana.  

Fire Pits

One of the best amenities for nighttime entertaining, fire pits provide warmth and ambiance. Snuggle up with someone special and watch the sunset, or gather the kids around to roast marshmallows. Sure, you could crowd everyone around a television screen inside, but wouldn’t it be better to encourage the human experience by removing technology from the picture? To get people engaged, have a few games ready. Even if the weather is chilly, simply provide some warm blankets and hot cocoa, gathering everyone around a warm fire.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs provide a multitude of health benefits, from stress reduction and pain relief to better sleep. Just 20 minutes per day can improve your mood and enhance your quality of life.  Not only do hot tubs provide proven health benefits, but they can be used year-round, to capture the perfect mini-escape right in your own backyard. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day than in a luxury hot tub.

Entertainment on Demand

Home is no longer just a place to find respite and comfort. In recent years people have started to place a high value on how well their homes entertain family and friends. Outdoor living and entertainment spaces are gaining traction as the next big trend and must-have amenity for homes everywhere. Outdoor entertainment is easier, requires far less maintenance and allows everyone room to move around.  

Enjoying Texas Weather in Comfort

With beautiful spaces that allow for fun and entertaining, the outdoors is a part of the home meant to be enjoyed. This is especially true in Texas, where the weather is pleasant for much of the year. With so much of your life spend indoors, living in a beautiful setting with ample outdoor amenities encourages you to get outside more often. Enjoy the restorative qualities of fresh, outdoor air and time well spent with family and friends.

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