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Luxury Condos & The Importance of Location

When you think about what you’re looking for in a new condo, you might think of an open floor plan or modern finishes. Everyone has specific wants to be checked off when you’re looking for a new condo. A particular style, a certain number of bedrooms, a specific price point, etc.  But overwhelmingly, the most important factor when buying a condo is location.

Why Location Matters For Your Luxury Condo

What is it about location that makes it so important to your condo purchase? For starters, it’s the one thing you can’t change about your condo. A bad view of a neighboring building won’t change after you move in. You’ll be stuck with it as long as you live there. The new condo with street parking? That’s going to lose its charm when you can’t find a spot with a car full of groceries!

Local Amenities

Local amenities will help drive real estate prices in the area, and make your living experience more convenient and enjoyable. Make sure there are grocery stores, restaurants, shopping and entertainment, within a 5-10 minute drive. [bctt tweet=”If the condo you’re buying is within a few miles of popular destinations and amenities (or better yet, in walking distance), you’ve found a strong contender in your search.” via=”no”] Also research what building amenities the condo offers, such as pools, water access and fire pits.


Another obvious point of interest is the safety of the area you’re interested in. Check out crime statistics and drive around the complex, observing whether the area is neat and well maintained. A gated community is a big perk and can give you peace of mind that you’ve found a good condo building.

A View

An unobstructed waterfront view has become increasingly rare, and thus, incredibly desirable. If you can find a waterfront condo in a safe area with plenty of nearby amenities, you’ve encountered a trifecta. A view provides instant ambiance, both inside your condo and lounging outside on a patio. The feeling you get when you pull back the curtains is indescribable.

Lakefront Living

Living near water provides countless benefits, but the connection you’ll have with nature will be a constant source of inspiration. Lakefront living often sacrifices convenience, but as demand increases, more retailers and restaurateurs are shifting their focus to desirable waterfront areas.  For you that means finding a lakefront property that’s convenient to a variety of dining, shopping and entertainments options.

Act Fast

If you’ve found a beautiful condo in a prime location with both safety, amenities and convenience, you’ll need to act fast. These kinds of properties go quickly and don’t experience a lot of turnover.  Once you’ve found the perfect location and the perfect condo, the only thing left to do is move in!

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