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5 Tips for Planning a Weekend Getaway

You can’t always take a week off to unwind, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t escape the daily grind. Sometimes a weekend is all you need to unplug, recharge and come back renewed. [bctt tweet=”A change of scenery has the power to transform your perspective and make stress more manageable.” via=”no”]

Planning a Weekend Getaway on the Fly

Siting in Houston traffic day after day can wear on you, making you feel overwhelmed and uninspired. When a long weekend presents itself, why not pack up and find a beach to unwind on? The lawn can wait, and the laundry will still be there when you get back. With a little planning, you can have a fabulous weekend! But where do you start?

1) Pick Your Destination

For just a weekend, you’ll probably want to stay within an hour of home.There’s no point in spending your entire weekend in transit for just a few short hours somewhere new. Instead, research exciting locations in your own backyard. Lake Conroe is a particularly popular destination, featuring shopping, dining, watersports and the Waterpoint Marina. The historic downtown, golfing and endless attractions make the area the perfect destination for families and individuals alike!

2) Find Accommodations

If you want to get the most out of your vacation time, you’ll want to stay somewhere close to the action. Whether that’s a condo on the beach or a hotel next to the city’s must-see locations or events, it should be convenient to attractions. If you’re lucky, you’ll find accommodations with the best of both worlds, including a waterfront and nightlife. Whatever you choose, stay within walking or short driving distance of plenty of activities.

3) Opt For Amenities

Love the water? Spend your weekend sunbathing on the beach, paddleboarding around a lake, or swimming in a sparkling blue pool. Maybe you feel uplifted when you hike in the woods or excited by exploring upscale shops. The ideal getaway might not take you far from home (you don’t want to spend half the weekend in the car anyway) but by ensuring that you have all the amenities you need to stay entertained, you’ll guarantee fun for everyone!

4) Pack Smart

Try not to pack before you plan. Pick out the clothes you’re going to wear every day, and leave behind the “just in case” items. If you’re escaping to the lake, what are the chances you’ll really need that evening gown? Think practically to pack efficiently. And don’t forget toiletries!

5) Turn Technology Off

Avoid checking emails, texts or voicemails until Monday. It can be tempting to want to stay connected, but if you won’t be responding to them until Monday anyway, there’s no point in obsessing over every little thing.

Living Your Getaway

Planning a weekend getaway can be a job itself, and after all the driving and upheaval, you’re often left more tired than before! What if you could live your getaway? What if you didn’t have to find accommodations, or pack, or pay for amenities? That experience is what you get when you own a waterfront condo. It’s home, and yet it feels like a getaway.  

No Place Like Home

Living in a resort community is exactly what it sounds like. You enjoy all the amenities and perks of a resort, but with the added bonus of being home. Your condo is full of your things, decorated to your liking and allows you the freedom to live like you’re on vacation every day.  You won’t need to travel far for a room with a view when that room and view are in your own home.

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